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– Veja o meu Guia de Primeiros Socorros: Só me envie um texto após passar por esse checklist.

– Se você está fazendo sua pesquisa em IHC ou está pensando em começar a pesquisar na área, leia a edição especial da revista Cadernos de Informática: Pensando e Reimaginando a Pesquisa em IHC: uma conversa com nossos pesquisadores. São 8 textos inspiradores.
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Master Degree: please visit the Department of Computer Science’s webpage to see the deadline for the next admission process. The recommendations for PhD candidates are useful for you as well.

PhD: I understand Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) from a problem-solving perspective, enriched by a socially responsible view. Currently, I am interested in different areas and topics such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Cities, Software Requirements, Software Quality, Informatics in Education and Information Systems. I have investigated and approached my research topics from an HCI perspective, which I like to refer to as a “Socially Aware Perspective” to the design of interactive technology. The papers I have listed in the home page and their references will give you an idea on what I am talking about. Whatever your research interest, if you wanna investigate it from a socially aware perspective, contact me and we can share some ideas.

Current topics of interests:

* Agile Methods, Participatory Design: techniques, artifacts and tools — teaching and practice;
* Social Networks: analysis, visualization, features, information dissemination and retrieval, impacts, design, etc;
* Problem Understanding: concepts, methods, tools, practices;
* Internet of Things: Requirements Engineering, HCI design and evaluation methods and artifacts
* Artificial Intelligence and Human Values, ethics, culture;

* Trends and new topics from HCI perspective: Internet of Things, Brain-Computer Interaction, Computational Thinking, Privacy, Security, Fake news, etc.

I appreciate candidates that enjoy investigating new issues in technology (design, implementation, use, evaluation, adoption, impact), and that want to change the world for better via technology. Participatory Design, eDemocracy, e-Citizenship, Ethics, Culture and Human Values are fields that interest me a lot. If that motivates you, we can do a good job together! 🙂

Current Students

PhD and Masters

  • Alisson Puska
  • Andres J. Porfírio
  • Carolina Moreira
  • Deógenes Junior
  • Emerson Fedechen
  • João Victor Cardoso
  • Júlia dos Santos Bathke Ortiz
  • Kríssia Menezes
  • Maira Codo Canal
  • Mateus Rambo Strey


  • Amanda Polanski
  • Felipe Souza


Masters & PhD

  • Júlia dos Santos Bathke Ortiz (2019), Msc.
  • Emanuel Felipe Duarte (2015) State University of Maringá  (Msc, UEM)
  • Douglas Toledo (2015) State University of Maringá (Msc, UEM)


  • Bernardo Ferrari
  • Eric Low Schmidt
  • Gabriel Carraro
  • João Vitor da Silva Cardoso
  • Katarine Leal
  • Luiz Adolpho Baroni
  • Luiza Wille Culau
  • Jaqueline Nande
  • Mayara Ligia Rasini
  • Nicolly Ferreira Pinto
  • Thiago de Campos Schmockel