For Students

Before contacting me, be sure you have read this page.
See the last posts to identify recent research/project interests.


Master Degree: please visit the Department of Computer Science’s webpage to see the deadline for the next admission process. The recommendations for PhD candidates are useful for you as well.

PhD: I understand Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) from a problem-solving perspective, enriched by a socially responsible view. Currently, I am mainly interested in Human Values (especially those aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals) in technology design, evaluation and use in different domains, such as:

  • Agile Methods
  • Brain-computer Interaction
  • Computational Thinking
  • Game Design and Evaluation
  • Human-Data Interaction
  • Internet of Things
  • Organizational Semiotics
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Smart Cities
  • Social Software
  • UX – User eXperience

Specific interests — I have different interests in mind and some of them are:

  • Popularization of science and technology: I am currently editor of the SBC Horizontes Magazine. Actions to disseminate research and computing knowledge to a wider audience and to rescue the history of computing in Brazil are welcome. Maybe you can ally such actions with your research project 😉
  • Conceptual problems: I am very excited about conceptual problems and solutions. For instance: What is interaction? Bring me yours…
  • Ethics and Education: critical thinking, socially-responsible education, research and practice… I am curious about how we can educate better our students regarding our responsibility (social, ethical, moral…)

I appreciate candidates that enjoy investigating new issues in technology (design, implementation, use, evaluation, adoption, impact), and that want to change the world for better via technology. Participatory Design, eDemocracy, e-Citizenship, Ethics, Culture and Human Values are fields that interest me a lot. If that motivates you, we can do a good job together! 🙂

Research Project

Before writing a research project or paper, be sure you have read the material below:

– Method IMRAD

Portuguese only:

– Veja o meu Guia de Primeiros Socorros: Só me envie um texto após passar por esse checklist.

– Veja dois vídeos de apresentações minhas no curso de Metodologia de Pesquisa (se você não aguentar ver os dois vídeos, já é um sinal do universo dizendo para você repensar sua escolha 😛 )

– Se você está fazendo sua pesquisa em IHC ou está pensando em começar a pesquisar na área, leia a edição especial da revista Cadernos de Informática: Pensando e Reimaginando a Pesquisa em IHC: uma conversa com nossos pesquisadores. São 8 textos inspiradores.
– Veja esse guia com elementos ABNT para um projeto de pesquisa.
– Leia cuidadosamente as dicas da Profa. Mirella

Current Students

PhD and Masters

  1. Alisson Puska (co-supervisor: Lara Piccolo – The Open University)
  2. Bernardo Ferrari
  3. Caio Carvalho (co-supervisor: Macelle Mota – UFPA)
  4. Carolina Moreira
  5. Emerson Fedechen
  6. Heloise Acco Tives
  7. João Victor Cardoso (co-supervisor: Lara Piccolo – The Open University)
  8. Júlia dos Santos Bathke Ortiz
  9. Luiz Adolpho Baroni
  10. Michele Venturini


  1. Deógenes Junior (supervisor: Cecilia Baranauskas – UNICAMP/UFPR)

Previous students

  1. Krissia Menezes (2021), Masters
  2. Deógenes Junior (2020), Masters
  3. Andres J. Porfírio (2020), PhD
  4. Maira Codo Canal (2009), PhD
  5. Mateus Rambo Strey (2009), Masters
  6. Júlia dos Santos Bathke Ortiz (2019), Masters
  7. Emanuel Felipe Duarte (2015) State University of Maringá, Masters
  8. Douglas Toledo (2015) State University of Maringá, Masters