Roberto Pereira

PhD in Computer Science, I work as a professor and researcher at the Department of Computer Science, Federal University of Paraná (UFPR), Curitiba, Brazil. Former Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Campinas, and Visiting Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Reading – UK. From 2015 to 2019, I have served as Associate Editor for the Brazilian Journal on Computers in Education. Currently, I am working as:

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Research areas: Human-Computer Interaction, Informatics in Education and Organizational Semiotics.

Interests: Human Values and Culture in technology design, Socially Aware Design, User eXperience, Computational Thinking, Social Software.

Research Group: IHC Federal University of Paraná (UFPR)
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Contact: rpereira inf ufpr br
Rua Cel. Francisco H. dos Santos, 100 Centro Politécnico, 81531-980 Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil
Department of Computer Science, Office room 87. Phone: +55 41 3361 3685

5 Selected publications available for download:
  1. Pereira, R., Baranauskas, M.C.C. and Liu, K., An Essay on Human Values in HCISBC Journal on Interactive Systems9(1), pp. 4-16. 2018.
  2. Piccolo, L.S. and Pereira, R., Culture-based artefacts to inform ICT design: foundations and practice. AI & SOCIETY, 34(3), pp.437+453. 2019.
  3. Pereira, R., Baranauskas, M.C.C. A value-oriented and culturally informed approach to the design of interactive systems. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 80: 66-82. 2015.
  4. Baranauskas, M.C.C., de Souza, C.S, Pereira, R. I GranDIHC-BR — Grand Research Challenges in Human-Computer Interaction in Brazil. Brazilian Computer Society. 2015.
  5. Pereira, R. and Baranauskas, M.C.C., Systemic and Socially Aware Perspective for Information SystemsI GranDSI-BR, p.148. 2018.

Federal University of Paraná, Centro Politécnico. Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil.