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RPereira's Students

Portuguese only: Se você está fazendo sua pesquisa em IHC ou está pensando em começar a pesquisar na área, leia a edição especial da revista Cadernos de Informática: Pensando e Reimaginando a Pesquisa em IHC: uma conversa com nossos pesquisadores. São 8 textos inspiradores.


PhD: I understand HCI from a problem-solving perspective, enriched by a socially responsible view. Currently I am interested on different areas and topics such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Cities, Software Requirements, Software Quality, Informatics in Education and Information Systems. I investigate and approach my research topics from a Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) perspective, which a like to refer as a "Socially Aware Perspective" to the design of interactive technology. The papers I listed in the home page and their references will give you an idea on what I am talking about. Whatever your research interest, if you wanna investigate it from a socially aware perspective, contact me and we can share some ideas. 

Master Degree: please visit the Department of Computer Science's webpage to see the deadline for the next admission process. The recommendations for PhD candidates are useful for you as well.

Current topics of interests:
* Agile Methods, Participatory Design: techniques, artifacts and tools -- teaching and practice;
* Social Networks: analysis, visualization, features, information dissemination and retrieval, impacts, design, etc;
* Problem Understanding: concepts, methods, tools, practices.

I appreciate candidates that enjoy investigating new issues in technology (design, implementation, use, evaluation, adoption, impact), and that want to change the world for better via technology. Participatory Design, eDemocracy, e-Citizenship, Ethics, Culture and Human Values are fields that interest me a lot. If that motivates you, we can do a good job together! :)

Current Students


  • Jaqueline Nande
  • Katarine Leal
  • Mayara Ligia
  • Nicolly Ferreira Pinto
  • Thiago de Campos Schmockel


PhD and Masters

  • Henrique Perfoll Neto
  • Júlia Bathke Ortiz
  • Lucas Nathan Barbosa de Oliveira
  • Maira Codo Canal
  • Mateus Rambo Strey
  • Mayra Sousa Resende



  • Emanuel Felipe Duarte - State University of Maringá  (UEM)
  • Douglas Toledo - State University of Maringá (UEM)
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