Research Group

Basically, candidates can assume that I am always accepting new smart and self-motivated Master or Ph.D. students. In general, you can choose any topic related to computer architecture, although I may as well suggest one of my topics of interest. If you are not convinced that computer architects still have problems to solve, please read this (David Patterson Says It’s Time for New Computer Architectures and Software Languages – IEEE Spectrum).

master candidates

Please visit the Department of Computer Science’s webpage to see the deadline for the next admission process. Notice that the POSCOMP exam is almost mandatory if you intend to apply for a scholarship.


Ph.d. candidates

I am interested in different areas and topics where we can develop a real advance in the area. If you want to investigate topics related to computer architecture, contact me and we can share some ideas. The recommendations in our Department of Computer Science’s webpage is useful for Ph.D. candidates as well.

Current topics of interests

Computer architecture (processors, memory sub-systems, interconnections)

– High performance computing (data and threads placement, parallel systems, cloud computing)

– Memory systems (cache memories, memory controllers, DRAM, and NVM memories)

– Microarchitecture simulation (cycle-accurate simulators, fast and accurate simulation)

– In-memory processing (smart memories capable of performing computations)

I suggest that you check my latest published articles so that you become familiar with the research area that I usually work on, this usually helps in choosing an advisor.

be welcome!

Our laboratory values diversity, and we welcome those who like to investigate new problems in technology (design, implementation, use, evaluation, adoption, impact), and that want to change the world for better via technology. If that motivates you, we can do a good job together!