Iris and Periocular Region – Coarse Annotations

We provide coarse annotations (i.e., bounding boxes) for both iris and periocular regions of 122,738 images from 8 well-known VIS databases:

  • Cross-Eyed-VIS – 1,920 images
  • CSIP – 2,004 images
  • MICHE-I – 3,191 images
  • MobBIO – 1,206 images
  • NICE-II – 2,000 images
  • PolyU-VIS – 6,270 images
  • UBIRIS.v2 – 11,101 images
  • VISOB – 95,046 images

We also automatically generated 38,851 bounding boxes using the iris segmentation approach proposed by Bezerra et al. for 3 well-known NIR databases:

  • CASIA-Iris-Interval – 2,639 images
  • CASIA-Iris-Lamp – 16,212 images
  • CASIA-Iris-Thousand – 20,000 images

We manually checked and corrected (if necessary) all annotations.

As can be seen in the samples below, we define as a coarse annotation the region around the region of interest (ROI) so that the edges of the bounding box remain outside the limits of the fine annotations proposed by Severo et al. More specifically, the delimited region is larger than the one typically used in fine annotations, and the iris is not well-centered. Also, in some cases, the eyebrows were left out the ROI, as the images from some databases used in this work do not contain that region. The full details are in our paper.

Samples of coarse annotations.

Remark that we only provide the annotations, not the original images. However, we preserve the original names for equivalence purposes.

How to obtain the Annotations

The annotations are released for academic research only and are free to researchers from educational or research institutes for non-commercial purposes.

Please click here to download the annotations.


If you use the annotations in your research please cite our paper [accepted for presentation at SIBGRAPI 2019]:

D. R. Lucio, R. Laroca, L. A. Zanlorensi, G. Moreira, D. Menotti, “Simultaneous Iris and Periocular Region Detection Using Coarse Annotations,” in Conference on Graphics, Patterns and Images (SIBGRAPI), Oct 2019, pp. 178-185. [IEEE Xplore] [PDF] [BibTeX] [Presentation]


Please contact Diego R. Lucio ( for any questions or comments.