Forest Species Database – Microscopic

The Forest Species Database (FSD) is composed of 2,240 microscopic images from 112 different species from two groups (Hardwood and Softwood), 85 genera and 30 families, . The images were acquired from the sheets of wood using a Olympus Cx40 microscope with 100 times zoom. The resulting color images were saved in PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format with no compression and a resolution of 1024 × 768 pixels. The figure below provides some samples of the database.


The FSD 1.0 is structured as follows:

  • 112 species – 20 images per species = 2,240 images.

How to obtain access to the images

The FS Database may be used for non-commercial research provided you acknowledge the source of the image by citing the following paper in publications about your research:

  • J. Martins, L. S. Oliveira, S. Nigkoski, R. Sabourin, A Database for Automatic Classification of Forest Species, Machine Vision and Applications, 24(3): 567-578, 2013. (pdf)

Compressed file [3.4GB]

Related papers

Our last results on this database can be found in these references

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This database is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.