My research interests are basically directed towards pattern recognition and machine learning.  My motivation still relies on the same question: why humans are better than computers at recognizing things?

These are some of the topics I’ve been working during the last few years:

  • Handwriting recognition, segmentation, and verification.
  • Signature and Writer Verification/Identification.
  • Classification models.
  • Dynamic Selection of Classifiers
  • Concept Drift
  • Dissimilarity Pattern Recognition
  • Deep Learning
  • Texture Classification

If you look my publications you will have an idea of what I´m doing lately.


During the last years, I’ve been trying to make all the data used in my research available to facilitate the reproducibility of the experiments performed and published with students and colleagues. As stated by LeVeque and his colleagues, the computational science is facing a credibility crisis since verifying most of the computational results presented in conferences and journal is almost impossible. Addressing this credibility crisis requires a change in the culture of scientific publishing, but researchers play an important role in it.

Characters/Handwriting/Printed Text

Forest Species

Medical Images

Parking Lot


  • DIFOT (v1.0)