Tech Reports

Dittrich, F., Oliveira, L. S., Britto Jr., A. S.,  Koerich, A., People Counting in Crowded and Outdoor Scenes using a Hybrid Multi-Camera Approach, ArXvi:1704.00326v2, 2017 (pdf)

Hafemann, L.G., Sabourin, R., Oliveira, L. S., Offline Handwritten Signature Verification – Literature Review, ArXvi:1507.07909, 2015 (pdf)

Ko.,A, Sabourin, R., Britto Jr., A. S., Oliveira, L. S., A Classifier-free Ensemble Selection Method based on Data Diversity in Random Subspaces,  ArXiv:1408.2889, 2014 (pdf)

Morita M. and Oliveira L.S., Introdução aos Modelos Escondidos de Markov, Technical Report (PPGIA), PUCPR, November 1998. (in portuguese) pdf