Academic Cooperation

  • SticAmsud [2014-2015]
  • FAPs-INRIA-CNRS [2017-2019]
  • ORAND S/A (CONICYT, Chile) [2012-2013]
  • Intel Strategic Research Alliance [2012-2015]
  • CAPES/FCT (INESC-Porto) with Fabien Gouyon [2009-2012]
  • Université du Quebec/ETS (Canada) with Prof. Robert Sabourin [2005- ]
  • Université de Rouen (France) with Prof. Laurent Heutte [2015-]
  • IBM Research with Paulo Cavalin [2013-]
  • UFPE, with Prof. George Cavalcanti [2015-]
  • PUCPR, with Prof Alceu S. Britto Jr, and Prof. Altair Santin [2004-]

Doctoral Students

  • Gustavo Henrique G. Matsushita (2019)
  • Luis Eduardo Boiko Ferreira (2018)
  • Teruo Matos Maruyama (2017)

Master Students

  • Ricardo Fantin da Costa, 2018-2
  • Conrado Mattei de Cabane Oliveira, 2019-1


Former Students

  • Thiago J. M.  Moura [Dr], Dynamic Regression Selection, 2019 [Scholar, Lattes]
  • Luiz Gustavo Hafemann [Dr], Learning Features for Offline Handwritten Signature Verification, 2019 [Scholar]
  • André Gustavo Hochuli [Dr], Segmentation-Free approaches for Handwritten Digit String Recognition, 2019 [Scholar, Lattes]
  • Gustavo Henrique G. Matsushita [MSc], Automatic Identification of Phasic Dopamine Release, 2019 [Lattes]
  • Günter H. Herweg Filho [MSc], Pattern Recognition for Lateral Flow Immunoassays, 2018 [Lattes]
  • Fabio Spanhol [Dr], Automatic Breast Cancer Classification From Histopathological Images: A Hybrid Approach, 2018 [Scholar, Lattes].
  • Fabio Sato [MSc], Algorithms for Solar Radiation detection, 2018.
  • Paulo R. L. de Almeida [Dr], Adapting the Dynamic Selection of Classifiers for the Concept Drift Scenarios, 2017 [Scholar, Lattes]
  • Dennis Carnelossi Furlaneto [MSc], Trend Prediction on Financial Time Series. 2017 [Lattes]
  • Eunelson Jose da Silva Jr [MSc], Cascade of Classifiers, 2015 [Scholar]
  • Diego Stiehl [MSc], SignWriting Recognition, 2015 [Lattes]
  • Simone B. K. Aires [Dr], Trademark Retrieval, 2015. [Lattes]
  • Luiz Gustavo Hafemann [MSc], An Analysis of Deep Neural Networks for Texture Classification, 2014.[Scholar, Lattes]
  • Diego Bertolini [Dr], Writer Identification and Verification, 2014 [Scholar, Lattes]
  • Jefferson Gustavo Martins [Dr], Forest Species Recognition in the Dissimilarity Space, 2014. [Scholar, Lattes]
  • Yandre M. G. Costa, [Dr],  Music Genre Recognition, 2013. [Scholar, Lattes]
  • Edson Ramiro Lucas Filho [MSc], HiveQL Self Tuning, 2013 [Scholar]
  • Paulo R. L. de Almeida [MSc], Monitoring Outdoor Parking Lots using Computer Vision, 2013 [Scholar, Lattes]
  • Leila Maria Vriesmann [Dr], Dynamic Selection of Classifiers, 2012 [Lattes]
  • Hideson Alves da Silva [Dr], Network Planning Using PSO, 2012. [Lattes]
  • Pedro Luiz de Paula Filho [Dr], Forest Species Recognition, 2012. [Lattes]
  • Jean Felsky [MSc], Writer Verification using Fractals, 2012.
  • Gustavo Bazzo [MSc], Automatic Classification of Human Error in the Process of Analytic Induction, 2012.
  • Walter Ribeiro de Oliveira Jr. [MSc], Compression Methods for Authorship Attribution, 2011.
  • Thiago Zavaschi [MSc], Facial Expression Recognition using an Ensemble of Classifiers, 2011.
  • Paulo Varela [MSc], Stylometry for Authorship Attribution, 2010.
  • Cleber Olivo [MSc], A Feature Set for Phishing Detection, 2010.
  • Felipe Calliari Ribas [MSc], Handwritten Digit Segmentation, 2010.
  • Regiane Hanusiak [MSc], Writer Verification, 2010.
  • Cheila Bergamini [MSc], One Class Classification for Biometric Fusion, 2009.
  • Andre Miranda Pimenta [MSc], Document Reconstruction using Dynamic Programming, 2009.
  • Murilo dos Santos [MSc], Combining Features in HMM, 2009.
  • Diego Bertolini [MSc], Ensemble of Classifiers for Signature Verification, 2008. [Scholar, Lattes]
  • Eduardo Vellasques [MSc], Classification of Segmentation Points, 2006. [Scholar]

Former Post Doc

  • Felipe Azevedo Pinagé, Concept Drift (PNPD/CAPES), 2018-2019.
  • Jefferson Gustavo Martins, Pattern Classification, 2018.
  • Juan Climent (Visiting Professor from UPC-Barcelona), Image Processing, 2014.
  • Bogdan T. Nassu, Text Detection, 2012.