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Lucas Ferrari de Oliveira
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Blockwise Classification of Lung Patterns in Unsegmented CT Images
Bagesteiro, Luiza Dri; Oliveira, Lucas F.; Weingaertner, Daniel - Computer-Based Medical Systems (CBMS), 2015 IEEE 28th International Symposium on - June 22-25, 2015, São Carlos, Brazil

The Automatic Polar Map Creation for Myocardial Perfusion SPECT Analysis Using Image Registration Combined with Feature Extraction
Gabriel Patzer, Marcelo do Nascimento, Marcus Simões, Jeovane Alves, Lauro Wichert-Ana, Paulo Azevedo-Marques, Lucas Oliveira - XV Workshop de Informática Médica no Congresso da Sociedade Brasileira de Computação - 20-24 June - Recife, Brazil


Alinhamento Automático de Imagens de Cintilografia Miocárdica Através da Combinação de Técnicas de Processamento de Imagens
GP Patzer, MZ do Nascimento, LF Oliveira, MV Simões - V Latin American Congress on Biomedical Engineering CLAIB 2011 May 16-21, 2011, Habana, Cuba IFMBE Proceedings Volume 33, 2013, pp 523-526




Draft Genome Sequence of the Nitrogen-Fixing Symbiotic Bacterium Bradyrhizobium elkanii 587
JAM de Souza, E Tieppo, G de Souza Magnani, LMC Alves, RL Cardoso, LM Cruz, LF Oliveira, RT Raittz, EM Souza, FO Pedrosa, EGM Lemos
Journal of bacteriology 194 (13), 3547-3548


Neuronavegador cirúrgico guiado por imagens de ressonância magnética pré-operatória, baseado num transdutor de posição magnético; Surgical neuronavigator guided by preoperative magnetic resonance images, based on a magnetic position sensor
AP Perini, LF Oliveira, RB Siqueira, AAO Carneiro Rev. bras. eng. biomed 25 (2), 89-100


Aid in the detection of myocardial perfusion abnormality utilizing SPECT atlas and images registration: preliminary results
RDS Pádua, LF Oliveira, PMA Marques, JJGS Groote, AA Castro, LW Ana, MV Simões - Radiologia Brasileira 41 (6), 397-402

Ictal technetium-99 m ethyl cysteinate dimer single-photon emission tomographic findings in epileptic patients with polymicrogyria syndromes: A Subtraction of ictal–interictal SPECT coregistered to MRI study
L Wichert-Ana, PM de Azevedo-Marques, LF Oliveira, RMF Fernandes, TR Velasco ... - European journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging 35 (6), 1159-1170

Interictal hyperemia correlates with epileptogenicity in polymicrogyric cortex
L Wichert-Ana, PM de Azevedo-Marques, LF Oliveira, VC Terra-Bustamante, RMF ... - Epilepsy research 79 (1), 39-48

Brain registration and subtraction-improved localization for SPECT analysis (BRASIL): a computer-aided diagnosis in epilepsy tool kit
LF de Oliveira, PM de Azevedo-Marques, L Wichert-Ana, AC Sakamoto - Proceedings of the 2008 ACM symposium on Applied computing, 1390-1394

Implementation and Test of BRASIL: An Epilepsy Computer-Aided Diagnosis Toolkit
L Oliveira, PM de Azevedo-Marques, LW Ana, AC Sakamoto - Computational Science and Engineering, 2008. CSE'08. 11th IEEE International Conference on

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