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III Brazilian Workshop on Model-Driven Software Development

Model-driven development (MDD) shifts the development focus from code to models. The major advantage of this is that practitioners can tackle the inability of third-generation languages (such as Java, C++ and Python) to alleviate the complexity of development platforms and express high-level concepts effectively. Thus the goal of this workshop is to bring together students, researchers and practitioners with different backgrounds and who have worked directly or indirectly with MDD to:

  • discuss the beneficial and harmful impact of MDD on practitioners’ productivity;
  • understand how MDD is currently being applied in industrial projects;
  • identify possible factors affecting its success/failure; and
  • explore the fundamental principles, state-of-the-art techniques, good practices, and emerging challenges governing the comtemporary application of MDD.


The program is now online


The workshop will be held together with the Brazilian Conference on Software (CBSoft) in Natal, RN (Brazil). We look forward to seeing you all in Natal (a very beautiful venue)!

Workshop date: September, 23rd, 2012

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